I would like to say that, following breast cancer surgery, and RadioTherapy, I have been in great discomfort and pain -- clinically severe pain, according to my GP.
The Pain Clinic at the General Hospital did what they could for me, but I remained in great pain.

Reflexology was a revelation! After the session, the accumulated liquid would drain from my swollen underarm and ribs, and I would be free of pain for several days thereafter. I also found that Refelxology helped with other associated ills, like constipation, loss of hearing on the side treated by RT, and loss of strength in the right hand and arm. I am quite certain that all of these things, and more, have been favourably treated by Reflexology.

I would also like to mention the deep peace and calm, which descend on the mind and body during and after a session. This is so relaxing and therefore so benificial to general health. I truly believe that Reflexology, by a properly qualified petherapist, like Ms Maggie Davis, should be available on NHS , especially for breast Cancer patients.