We feel we owe the gift of our son, George, entirely to Maggie. We had been trying to conceive a child for approximately 8 months. The hospital consultant reported that we only had a 5% chance of conceiving, mainly due to my age of 40 years. The only option open to us was IVF. We decided to seek alternative therapy and contacted Maggie. Within 3 months of receiving reflexology I was pregnant.

I continued to see Maggie regularly throughout the pregnancy to reduce any risk of miscarriage and complications. The pregnancy was straight forward and I didnít suffer any pregnancy related ailments.

At 37 weeks gestation my waters went and I was informed by the doctor that if labour had not commenced within 48 hours I would require a medical induction. George was also lying back to back so labour would be more painful. After 24 hours we contacted Maggie who came to the house to carry out a reflexology session. Later that evening I felt George make one huge movement as if to change position, and simultaneously my contractions started every 3-5 minutes. Three hours later George was born via a normal delivery with no medical interventions. George weighed 7lb 5oz.

I continued to see Maggie fortnightly after George was born and developed no postnatal complications.

Testimony by Cate, Cheltenham.