Well, what hasn't Maggie and her expert hands helped me with. Maggie has given me so much help over the years I have been having Reflexology from back problems to headaches, from stress to skin irritations.

The most amazing effect happened a couple of years ago - I had started to notice a patch of eczema around one eye appearing occasionally. It was sore and very itchy but it would go after a few days. Gradually the frequency and intensity got worse until it was there all the time. GPs and skin specialists could offer no help but to say "try this cream", which never helped. So I went to Maggie and she put in some intensive therapy. A week after the session it had started to subside, and after the second session it had gone completely!

Sceptical? Hey I'm a bloke, It worked for me and it can work for you.

I don't know how painful my life would be without you and your magic hands, Maggie.