You are most probably thinking the same thoughts as I had… I had one burning desire…to get pregnant! It was taking over my thoughts , my life, my everything, from the moment I woke in the morning, to going to bed at night. There was that nagging question, "when will it happen to me, me? Please let it be me next time, and not just happen to my close friends."

Was I going mad? What could I do to speed up this extremely lengthy process? I knew I could get pregnant, but unfortunately, I had had the misfortune of losing a baby 6 months previously. I felt that as well as my head being all over the place, that most probably my hormones were also running out of control too!

By this time, several people had suggested that reflexology was good for rebalancing the hormones, and for fertility itself. With that, as fate would have it, Maggie’s leaflet fell through my door! So I found myself bearing all to Maggie, and there on her couch, slowly drifting off into a state of relaxation, whilst she very nicely worked her magic on my feet.

After only two sessions, I found that my mind and thoughts were much calmer, and on a more even plateau with reference to achieving my goal of pregnancy. It was great…I actually felt that my sole purpose in life was no longer getting pregnant, and that I could go on with my day to day business, without the constant pressure bearing down on my shoulders.

And guess what? After only 5 sessions I was watching a blue line appear, and here I am waiting to meet my little one in October!

So if you’re in a similar situation to what I was, please visit Maggie. She’s a great lady, with lots of spirit and positivity, and will instantly make you feel relaxed. Good luck