I had always suffered with very painful periods, right from an early age; I started them when I was still in primary school. During my early teens they steadily got worse and worse to the point where I was missing school every month and being crippled by excruciating pain. My doctor put me on the pill from the age of 13 which did control the pain to a certain extent and it was much more manageable. At 20 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I stayed on the pill until I was 25.

I turned to alternative therapy as I did not want to carry on taking drugs as a method of pain control; particularly the pill as I had been on it from such and early age and I just felt that I wanted more control over my condition. I had also just been diagnosed with an Under active Thyroid and have to take daily Thyroid supplement medication for the rest of my life. I was feeling pretty low but knew I didnít want to keep putting more drugs into my body and felt strongly that alternative therapy was a way forward for me.

I found Maggie through my medical centre and started seeing her twice a month to begin with for a 1 hour reflexology session. After about 2 months I stopped taking the pill, and to my absolute amazement the pain of my endometriosis did not come back. She had started to balance out my hormonal system and also my Thyroid system and this was making a huge difference to the quality of my life. I now see Maggie once a month and really look forward to it, itís my little time in heaven, when that door closes I know that the next hour is totally dedicated to me.

Maggie is amazing, sheís so kind and caring, and when Iím in her room she makes me feel like Iím the most important person in the world. She has the hands of a healer, and if I miss a treatment the endometriosis does start to come back, so my reflexology is my tool to control my pain without drugs, and I love this fact. I will always need to take a Thyroid supplement, but I am totally convinced that the reflexology helps by body to balance out my energy levels and again control this condition.

Without reflexology I believe that I wouldnít have the quality of life Iíve got now, and I would be taking more and more drugs, which always has negative side effects. Reflexology treats the cause not the symptoms and I would highly recommend it everyone, particularly women with any type of hormonal compliant.

Thanks Maggie, youíre a star