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The Treatment


Initial Consultation

On your first visit there will be an informal discussion about your heath and lifestyle.

There is an opportunity to talk through problems objectively, in a confidential and professional environment - these may be social, familial or work related. We will also discuss nutrition, hydration, sleep patterns and stress factors.

The initial consultation takes about 1˝ hours, subsequent visits will be shorter. The length of your course will vary, depending on your body’s needs.


The Treatment

A Reflexologist uses his/her hands to apply pressure to the reflexes of the feet, while noting problem areas.

Sensitively trained hands can detect imbalances in the feet, indicating to the Reflexologist an imbalance in a corresponding area of the body. Reflexology induces deep relaxation, enabling the body to heal from within. Regular treatments keep the body in tune, helping to maintain health and a feeling of well-being.


A Reflexology treatment can


Aid  the adrenal glands to release natural cortisone which eases pain, especially that found in conditions such as  rheumatism and arthritis


It can help release toxins from the muscles to make them more relaxed and pain free -  which in turn alleviates headaches/migraine, neck, shoulder and spinal tension


By helping to raise serotonin levels to lift depression and ease use of anti-depressants


By helping to balance the thyroid , therefore aiding the metabolism, thus creating better digestion, and so help the body maintain its natural weight


The stimulation of the liver and kidneys to detoxify, so helping skin disorders to clear, and the digestive system to work more efficiently


 As hormones become balanced, stress related problems disappear, such as:

·        panic attacks,

·        PMT,

·        hot flushes,

·        night sweats,

·        Irritable Bowel Syndrome

·        And infertility problems

telephone: 01242 215034 or 01242 233515    email: admin@reflexchelt.co.uk